We’ve been pretty lucky here in the northeast with not a not too crazy Spring so far! I always love seeing those first flowers bloom and the colors slowly emerge from the trees and plants outside. Theres something about spring that puts such good energy in the air!

Throughout the spring I continue to do many crafts with my little friends to keep them busy while introducing some spring-themed vocabulary! Check out my ideas below!

Articulation Frogs


Aren’t these frogs so cute? I got this cute little creativity from Carrie over at Carrie’s Speech Corner. You can find her post all about it here. I printed a bunch of the frog clip art and then cut out a bunch of lily pads out of green construction paper. Before each session, I pre-cut the frogs, the red construction paper “tongue,” and the target pictures so there was no cutting for my little ones.

It’s Raining It’s Pouring!File_002-3


I’ve used this craft for a few years now. I typically like to break it out when we’re having a few rainy days in a row so that we can talk about the weather while we create this cute little project! I used this craft for a variety of language goals. I primarily used it for articulation, but I also used it for language goals such as vocabulary, following directions, and increasing expressive language. You can find an umbrella template here. I just roughly cut out the raindrops out of various shades of blue construction paper.

Mother’s Day Flower Pots


I had these cute flower pot cut outs and wasn’t sure what to do with them. I decided it would be a cute and easy craft to make for mother’s day. My little friends used various colored hexagon cut outs as the “flowers” and I had them draw the stems. I used this for all of my friends! It was a great way to work on colors, requesting, and following directions. To target more specific goals such as pronouns, verbs, or articulation, we added smaller target pictures to the individual “flowers.”

Other activities keeping us busy this Spring: 

What fun things are you up to with you little friends this Spring?

Spring comes and goes!

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