This is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to create a cute weighted lap pad for your child! Even better–there’s no sewing involved! Anyone can do this! The entire project took me less than 10 minutes!

  • no stuffing dog toy that allows you to add a water bottle (example here)
  • duck tape
  • 1-2 gallon ziplock bags
  • 1-5lbs of rice



  1. First gather your materials. I found my dog toy at Home Goods for $5.99. They had a few different animals but I ultimately settled on this cute yellow duck. You want to make sure you’ll be able to fit 2-4 lbs of rice in it, and that it has a velcro closure. I bought my 5 pound bag of rice at my local grocery store for $1.29. Then you’ll just need some duck tape and 1-2 gallon ziplock bags.


2. Next, pour the rice into the ziplock bag. Remember: the weight of the lap pad should be equivalent to 5% of the child’s body weight. I had to use two ziplock bags so that they were skinny enough to fit in the dog toy opening. You may want to try putting them in the toy to make sure you like the way it feels.                                                                             File_003

3. Then, once you have determined the proper amount of rice in the bags, add a strip of duck tape to the top to prevent the bags from bursting open. I made sure they were sealed tight!



4. Finally, place the bag(s) in the toy and seal the toy up! You now have your completed weighted lap pad!

Weighted lap pads are great to help children remain in their seats and stay focused. I use them for children with sensory processing difficulties who benefit from the proprioceptive feedback of the weighted lap pad. They are also great for children with ADD/ADHD who have trouble focusing on table top activities or who have difficulties sitting for longer periods of time. Keep in mind the recommendation for a weight is typically 5% of the child’s body weight!

DIY Weighted lap pad!

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