Halloween is such a fun time when working with children! It offers a lot of fun halloween activities to target speech and language skills during therapy sessions. Below are some of my favorites!


Articulation Jack-O-Lanterns

These are one of the simplest crafts to do! Simply cut out a pumpkin in orange paper. Then find some worksheets with pictures to target the speech or language goal. I had the kids cut them out and then glue them in the shape of a face. I did this with children working on articulation goals as well as with children working on language goals such as pronouns or verbs.


Halloween Activities Targeting Listening Comprehension

I found some worksheets that worked on following directions. One such worksheet was  a blank pumpkin and it had various directions to say out loud that eventually led to a Jack-O-Lantern face being drawn on the pumpkin. I also purchased this seasons themed wh-question packet and during October/November I used it for listening comprehension and working on answering questions.

             img_1086          img_1075

Additional Halloween  Activities Targeting Articulation

In addition to the jack-o-lanterns, I also found some worksheets with halloween themes where I was able to write in various articulation words based on each child’s goal. The children were then able to color them while we practiced the target words.


We also did a ghost activity where we added various articulation picture depending on what sounds each child was working on. The faces this kids drew were so cute!


Finally, an oldie but a goodie! I love the various “chipper chat” type boards from Tech N’ Talk SLPs on Teachers Pay Teachers. The Halloween themed ones offer various candy corn for the children to cover with magnetic chips as they practice their target sounds. I then give them their “magic wand” and the love picking up all the chips!


Halloween Activities

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